10 Cool iPhone Camera Tricks You Didn’t know About

Mastering the camera on your iphone can often mean the difference between capturing a photo that’s likely to hit the trash file instead of capturing something  that’s gorgeously print-worthy. Here’s some very cool iPhone camera tricks and shortcuts that will take your iphone photography experience from ‘meh’ to ‘yeah!!!’.


1. Use your headphones to take photographs.

All of the latest versions of iPhone now come with headphones with inbuilt volume buttons. Attach your headphones to your iPhone, set your phone up as far away as your headphones will allow you then use the volume switch on the earphones to take your photo. No more extended arm selfies required.


iphone camera headphones

Image via: mostlylisa

2. Swipe up to take quick photos.

There are times when being able to snap a photo in seconds is the difference between capturing the moment forever and having to store it in your memory bank only. Don’t let a memory pass you by because you didn’t have the time to put in your passcode. Swipe your finger up on the lock screen to access your camera. It won’t let you view the stored photos without unlocking but will allow you to capture photos and video.

Image via: pop sugar

Image via: pop sugar


3. Use the volume buttons to take your photo

If you’re multi-tasking to get just the right angle or the right photo, sometimes it’s easier to reach the volume buttons on the side of the phone rather than trying to find the button on your iphone screen. Use either the up or down volume button to snap your next photograph.


4. Hold the shutter button for fast photos

If you’re hoping to take a rapid succession of photos, hold down the shutter button and your iPhone will snap away faster than your fingers can.


5. Use the grid feature to frame your shots

Turn on your iPhones grid feature to help frame your photographs, particularly if you’re working towards the rule of thirds in your photo-taking. Go to settings, photos and camera, then set the grid to on.


iphone camera grid

Image via: Mostly Lisa

6. Use the rear-facing camera instead of the front-facing camera

The rear facing camera on your iphone takes higher resolution photos than the front facing camera, so best get most of your photos with the rear camera (except for selfies).


7. Tap the screen to focus

When you’re trying to focus on just one part of the photo but it’s not quite clear, tap the screen in the camera viewer and the iphone will automatically adjust the focus to that point. If you’re trying to get a close up, tap the screen a couple of times until the focus becomes just right.


8. Adjust the filter before of after your take your photograph

Sometimes photos just look way more beautiful in sepia or black and white. iPhones allow you to adjust the filter to one of a number of different shades either before or after you take your photo.

iphone camera filter

9. Use the Pringo App to add borders, filters, stickers and text to your photos

Pringo app photo

Use the Pringo app to add borders, stickers and text to your photos

Use the free Pringo app to add filters, borders, text and stickers to your photos.

10. Print directly from your iPhone to the Pringo Photo Printer.

Your iPhone (or smartphone) can print directly to your Pringo mini wifi printer without the need for cords. Connect via the free Pringo app and print high quality, fingerprint proof and waterproof photos direct from your mobile phone.

pringo mini wifi photo printer

Print photos from your iphone with your Pringo printer



What other hacks do you use to snap photographs on your iPhone?

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