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10 DIY gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and it’s this time of year that we stop to really think about mums – who they are to us, what they mean…and how on earth to put all those thoughts into the perfect present.

Now every mum is going to differ in what they would prefer you do/not do, buy/not buy, make/not make, on this most special of all mothering days. However you don’t have to look too far past the mother proudly wearing a macaroni necklace in the shopping centre, to know that home made gifts are always well-received.

We’ve put together 10 fun and fabulous ideas for home made crafts and other DIY gifts for Mother’s Day sure to help make this year the best Mothers Day yet.


Cupcake Case Flower Arrangement

cupcake flower arrangement

Instructions at: Be A Fun Mum

How cute are these flowers? Mum will not only love the thought, but the fact that the vase is included with the bouquet. Not to mention most homes will have almost all the materials on hand, making this a quick and effective gift idea.

Scoubidou knotted key chains

Instructions at:

Instructions at:

When a bunch of Mums received one of these each for Mother’s Day last year they all chuckled because they were all over-sized and really long. However almost a year later there are still plenty  mums walking around the school-yard with their Scoubidou knotted key chains, (happy that they can still find their keys in their handbags) and a whole bunch of eight year olds proud as punch that their gifts are still in use.

Personalised Photo Flowers

photo face flower gifts

Instructions at: Ottawa Mommy Club

Mums are usually suckers for Photo gifts made from the heart. The best bit about these flowers, (apart from the super cute faces in the middle), is the fact that will be around for a lot longer than Mothers Day, and longevity in a gift is always welcome. The photos can be printed on your Pringo photo printer and cut to size.

Add them to a decorated pot, (these ones were done with a funky array of washi tape), and you’re sure to have a gift to please.


washi tape pots

Instructions at: Alex Toys


Colourful Hand Dotted Tumblers

hand dotted tumblers

Instructions at: Pop Sugar

For the mum who likes practical things she can use, rather than just look at, why not try these hand dotted tumblers? Easy for little kids, cost effective and they look good to boot. You could even try the same idea on wine glasses or coffee mugs, depending on what the mum in your life prefers to drink.

Mothers Are Angels on Earth Footprint.

mothers are angels footprint

Instructions at: Crafty Morning

This is a super cute way to immortalise tiny baby feet as well as send a beautiful message. It would be a wonderful way to mark a first Mothers Day.

A  Fun Photo Montage

chalk photos

Image via: The Burgh Baby

Photo montages are great not just for mums, but for grandmothers too; particularly those that don’t like nearby. They can be as simple to organise as choosing your favourite photos, a family photo, or having fun taking some new ones. The kids would love being involved in a project like this, and you can tailor the drawings and message to fit your family.

 Personalised Photo Frames 

DIY photo frame

Instructions via: Nine Red

Of course then what better way to present the photos than with personalised photo frames? These repurposed frames would be a perfect way to display your Pringo printed photos, and the best thing is you can keep changing the display depending on your mood and what photos you’ve recently printed.


Lovely Lavender Sachet

DIY lavender sachet

Instructions at: What no mints. 

This is a lovely idea, especially heading into the cooler months when rooms and cars can easily get stuffy. Older children should be able to do this with not to much trouble, and it’s sure to make any mum smile.


Painted Rock Garden Markers

rock gifts

Instructions at: Crafts By Amanda

Painted rock garden markers are a great gift idea for the mum who loves spending time in her garden. Fun and practical, they are bound to a be a winner.

So there you have it- 10 easy DIY gifts for Mother’s Day that won’t break the budget and will bring a smile to the face of that special mum in your life.



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