5 School Holiday Photo Crafts

Depending on which state of Australia you’re in, the school holidays are either looming on the horizon, or in full swing right now. Winter holidays can be a mixed bag of beautiful clear days, or weeks spent hibernating under blankets near the heater while the rain pours outside. Having a few inside activities up your sleeve to keep the kids from getting bored just makes good sense, and lucky for you, we’ve got some great photo craft ideas to keep you all occupied for the winter break.

Bottle top fridge magnets

If you’re a fan of putting photos on your fridge (and who isn’t?), this quick and easy craft idea is a great one that the kids can help you with. Simply cut out your desired photos to the size of a bottle top, glue them in and attach magnet strips to the back. (Tip- you can use old magnets for your strips. The old calendar ones that real estate companies send out are great for this.) It won’t take long, and even younger school age kids can get involved.

Bottle top photo magnets

Image via: I’m Gonna DIY

DIY iPad cover

With more and more kids needing devices for school these days, this is a great way to set your child’s apart from the rest, and have some school holiday fun. You will need to purchase a transfer ready case, and some transfer paper, but apart from that, all you need are some great pics and an iron. More instructions at lil blue boo.

DIY iPad cover

image via:Lil blue boo

Make a scrapbook

Kids love being able to make things that they can look back on, and mini scrapbooks are great for that kind of thing. Even if you haven’t had an actual ‘holiday’ you can use these photo books to remember a fun day, or even to tell a made up story. Consider working together to tell the story of a favourite toy with photos, print them on your Pringo mini wi-fi printer, and then back them on some nice paper, and you’re all set. An illustrated masterpiece that you will enjoy looking back on. More instructions over at A Beautiful Mess.

mini scrap books

Image via: a beautiful mess

Make a Canvas Collage

Older kids love taking photos, and their devices can be overflowing with selfies and random, but important-to-them, moments. Kids of this age (girls in particular), also often enjoying decorating their room in their own style, so why not combine the two loves and create one masterpiece? It’s as easy as buying a blank canvas, painting and decorating it as you like, and attaching photos with glue or washi tape. The end result is something they can look back on for years to come. This one from Crafts Unleashed is perfect and simple.


Photo Blocks

Blocks are one thing that just about every small child enjoys playing with at some point, and perhaps even older ones as well. If you’ve got little kids at home, try making these gorgeous photo blocks. They are simply put together with wooden blocks, Modge Podge and photos (add a layer of paint if you like), and can be played with as soon as they are dry. Tiny hands can help ‘paint’ the Modge Podge on, and what child doesn’t love going to town with glue? (Older kids could manage this craft activity on their own, with adequate supervision.)

Even if you don’t have any block-age children, photo blocks make a great ornament, and you can constantly rotate them to show different images. The gorgeous creations below are thanks to the Pinning Mama

DIY photo blocks

Image via: The Pinning Mama


Bonus: Toothpick painting.

OK so this one has nothing to do with photos, but it is a great school holiday activity to try. Toothpick painting using craft glue and funky neon paints on wooden shapes is a easy way to create some effective art. The kids will love it, and even little people can do it with ease.
(Double bonus: you could use this idea to make photo frames for gifts or display. So it technically is photo craft )


So there you have it; 6 activities to make your school holidays a fun, yet productive event, and give you all the more reason to give your Pringo mini wi-fi printer a work out. (As if you needed one ).

What’s your favourite? Or do you have your own photo craft ideas? We’d love to hear them.

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