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7 Creative Easter Craft ideas

With Easter just around the corner and our shopping centre aisles having been full of easter eggs and fluffy bunnies for months, it’s time to start looking at all the crafty stuff that associated with this time of year. From Easter garlands, grass heads and kids’ Easter craft, it’s a nice way to focus on the fun and family side of Easter rather than just the chocolate (although the chocolate is sooo good).

Here’s 7 creative Easter crafts that we’ve found that you’re going to love doing with the children.


Easy Easter Bunny Mask

This oh-so-simple Easter bunny mask is a lovely idea to create with the kids. It’s simple enough for even the littlies to help, it doesn’t require a lot of materials and can be completed fairly quickly. Bingo! Instructions for putting this together over at MPM School Supplies.

 Photo Grass Heads

Every now and then our kids bring home a crazy looking Mr Grass Head to sit on the kitchen window sill. They’re a great novelty and fun for the kids. This is a creative take on Grass Head craft with the inclusion of a photo of each child. You can print your photo straight from your smartphone on your Pringo mini Printer, affix to the cup with craft glue or sticky tape.  Add soil and grass seeds to your cup then water and wait for your child’s grass hair to grow. Such a novel idea and a lovely personalised crafty gift for grandparents. More instructions for this at Rainbows within Reach.

Personalised Photo Easter Eggs

Every Easter many families paint or dye eggs to celebrate and symbolise Easter. This is a very unique take on the whole egg-dying gig. It’s a bit of a process to do it, but the end result is worth it. These eggs would make for a great present for family and friends to replace or accompany the usual chocolatey feast. Instructions for creating these can be found at  A Subtle Revelry.


Baby Easter Bunny Photo Craft


Now it’s not really Easter without gluing lots of cotton wool around something that looks like a bunny. This cute crafty creation is fun to make with the kids and they’ll love the end product. Cut the shape of a bunny out of cardboard, print a photo of your ‘bunny baby’ on your Pringo printer and stick into the centre of the bunny’s face. Paint the middle of the ears pink. Line the outside of the ears and the body of the bunny with cotton wool or cotton balls stuck with craft glue. Add cut outs of your little ones pink foot prints for feet. So, so cute. More instructions found at Parent Dish.


Easter bunny craft photo

Image via: parent dish 


Yarn Eggs

Now these are super creative and the end result is just amazing. You can use these yarn eggs as a table decoration or you can  give them as homemade Easter gifts. The beauty of these is you can put a little surprise in each one of them depending on the recipient. Love! You can find the instructions for these at Simply Modern Mom.

Rainbow Easter Garland

If you love to decorate your house throughout the Easter period, this is a nice simple yet beautiful way of doing it. This Easter garland is made using colour pallets (or paint chips) you can get from your local Bunnings or hardware store. Make an Easter egg shape template then cut each of the cards in the shape of an Easter Egg, string together using twine and hang above a doorway, mantle or anywhere else you’d like to ‘Easter up’. Instructions for this found at Modern Parent Messy Kids.

Hide and seek Easter Egg Peg Craft

We couldn’t find the original instructions for this Hide and Seek Peg craft but it doesn’t look too difficult to do and the kids will love them. All you need is timber pegs, craft glue, heavy duty cardboard cut in the shape of eggs and then cut in half with the zig-zag broken egg look and a cardboard image of what you’d like inside of the egg. You could even print a photo of each of your children’s faces on your Pringo, cut it down to size then glue to the back of the peg so the child’s face can be seen when the peg is opened. Such a novel idea.



easter craft

Image found here (if you know the original source, please contact us so they can be credited)

Easter is such a beautiful time of the year and whilst it’s nice to feast on chocolate for a short time, it’s also lovely to include Easter craft as part of your celebration.


Do you have Easter traditions or do you do Easter craft? We’d love to hear your ideas. 

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