8 must have photo editing apps to make your photos shine

So weve told you ways you can make your photos fun before you print them, but sometimes fun isnt the look youre going for. Weve all seen beautiful photos shared by friends, and wondered how to emulate them, and thankfully, with the abundance of photo editing apps now available, its never been easier to pretend youre a photography wizard.


To help you on your way, we’ve put together a list of 8 must have photo editing apps to make your photos shine.



Platform: iPhone


This is a must have app if you plan on sharing your images on square based platforms such as Instagram. Because IG crops your photo into a square format, if your image is too big, or perhaps too long, you can end up cropping out important features. Squaready alters the image so that you lose none of that much needed detail, and can still share away. It also includes some filters as well as stickers and text options to play with, so its kind of a one-stop shop.

This is only available on iPhone, but if youre on an Android phone you could check out Squareit or Instasize.

Free in the App Store.

 square ready app

VSCO cam

Platform: iPhone, Android


This app comes with ten free filters, with the option to purchase more, and produces exceptional looking photos, that are able to be shared in all their high resolution glory. It features a side by side editing display for ease, and gives you the opportunity to sync your photos across multiple devices. It also works well with backlight, giving it an advantage over many other apps.

Free in the App store

vsco cam app 

Camera +

Platform: iPhone, Android


Camera + is the app for the true photographer. Not only does it come with the standard filters and add ons we expect from a photo app, but the camera itself is considered to be superior to the inbuilt iPhone camera. If youre the kind of person who wants to adjust the focus and exposure yourself, this is definitely worth looking at.

Currently $2.49 in the App Store

camera+ app 


Platform: iPhone, Android


Complete with 74 filters, 78 textures and 15 adjustment tools, Afterlight is a must have app fro creating stunning iPhone photos.  With a filter for every type of photo, and 128 types of borders, this is an app with a lot of choice, and a lot of creative freedom.

Currently $1.29 in the App Store. Some filters require additional purchases.

 afterlight app


Platform: iPhone, Android


Snapseed is similar to some of the others in the filters it offers, but it has the added bonus of allowing you to apply edits to a selected part of the screen, as well as the entire image, which gives even great creative control. Snapseed is also quite fun to use; its controls differ from the others somewhat, relying more on swiping the photo than adjusting dials at the bottom, which is a refreshingly different way to create stunning photos.

Free in the App Store.

 snapseed app

Adobe Photo Shop Express

Platform: iPhone, Android


This free app from Adobe contains everything you would expect from an Adobe photo editing app. You can crop your images, straighten rotate and flip, as well as fix blemishes and remove unwanted red eye. While some of the filters in this app arent as detailed as those in the other apps mentioned here, Adobe Photo Shop Express works really well in conjunction with other apps. Perfect your photos here, then highlight them in another app.

Free in the App Store.

 adobe photoshop express

Color Splash

Platform: iPhone, Android


If youve ever seen one of those photos with a black and white back ground, and perfectly red rose in the middle, and wondered how they did it, then chances are, it was with Color Splash. This app works by converting your image to black and white, and then allowing you to colour inthe part you want coloured. Its a bit of fun, and gives an extra edge to your photos.

Currently $1.29 in the App store.

 colour splash app

Slow Shutter Cam

Platform: iPhone


Slow Shutter Cam brings DSLR qualities to your phone by letting you create all kinds of slow shutter speed effects. If youve ever wanted to take amazing photos of fireworks or cars on a freeway at night, or create ghost or waterfall effects, or even just be in control of how much light you allow through the shutter, then this is a must have app.

Its currently only available in the App store, but Android users should check out Camera FV-5.

Currently $1.29 in the App Store.

slow shutter cam app


With the abundance of brilliant photography apps out there, theres no excuse for anyone to not have beautiful looking pictures. Once you’ve beautified your photos on your smartphone with your app of choice, wirelessly connect your phone to your Pringo photo printer and share  your photographic genius with friends and family. 

pringo wifi photo printer



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