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Back to School with Pringo Mini Photo Printer

As the new school term is suddenly upon us, how prepared are you for the onslaught of school projects, ‘show and tell’ presentations and school craft medleys?

In fact, the first week back at school is usually a time when kids catch up with their friends and share their holiday stories. Cue the chorus of ‘muuuum can you please print a photos of *insert relevant holiday photo here*…’ . And truth-be-known, you wouldn’t mind printing photos so much if it wasn’t such a hassle to download them off your phone or tablet, find the one you want, hook your computer to the printer and then groan as a pop-up flashes before you warning that your printer has just this very moment run out of ink. To make matters worse, the request is usually made at 8am on the morning the photo is required for school.

Thankfully Pringo makes printing photos simple and quick.

Printing holiday photos

Once the you have selected your favourite holiday snap, you (or the kids) can ‘bling’ up the pics with the Pringo app and then add any text or border that takes your fancy. Your text might describe your holiday, name your photo, add a date or location, name the people in the pics….the list is infinite. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

School craft, photo printer, pringo printer

Add a border, stickers and text to ‘bling’ up the kids’ photos

school photo printer, mini photo printer

Within minutes your child’s show and tell creation can be ready.

Once you’ve decorated your photo, connect your smartphone (ios or android device) to your Pringo mini photo printer then within minutes from start to finish you’ll have personalised photos ready to share for the first week back at school.

Show and Tell sorted – check.



Scrapbooking with Pringo

For older kids, get them to decorate their own photos and create a holiday scrapbook complete with labelled holiday destinations and names of their most recently formed friendships. With the latest version of the Pringo app, you can add one of the dozens of stickers and borders available to really emphasise every captured moment.

Holiday scrapbook photos sorted – check.

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From: PringoLB


Personalised Gift Tags

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sharing from here

If you’re planning on giving your child’s teacher a ‘start of the new semester gift’ why not add Pringo printed photo of your child’s most recent holiday and use it as a card to personalise the gift.

Pic your photo, add text with the Pringo app, print it, use a hole punch to pop a hole in it and tie it on with a ribbon.

Teacher present sorted – check.



With all that done, now all there’s left to do is lunches and school uniforms….hmmm…



Are you ready for the new school term?



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