I have a Samsung Phone Wifi Connecting Error

I have a Samsung Smartphone and am getting a WiFi connection error.

To correct this do the following:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Choose Wifi
  3. Tap menu button at the bottom left
  4. Choose Advanced
  5. Go to Auto Network Switch and untick

This should resolve the issue.

My Printer door does not close properly

 My printer door is not closing properly.

If you find your printer door is not closing properly this may be the problem:

  • Open up the door and on top of the door are some small holds  that hold the door to the printer head.
  • You may find that one of the holders has unclipped.
  • This may be due to the door being opened too wide and causing the door to unclip itself from the printer head.

All you need to do is pull the door slowly back untill you have enough room for the printer head to slot back into place again.

(see pictures below)


door not closed    not connected properly      Door connected

Deleting Pictures From Cloud Album

How Do I Delete Pictures Out Of My Cloud Album?

This Can Only Be Done On The Computer.



Type In Your Member Account ( email Address)These you Used When You Registered Your New Pringo.


Go To Album.

Choose The Album You Want To Delete Your Pictures From (My Album).

If You Want To Change Your Member Settings You Can Do That Under Member.


Pringo Front

Changing Settings On Your Printer


Printer Switches Off


To Change The Setting In Your Printer From Keep Switching Off

Make Sure You Are Connected To The Printer

Go  To The Settings Icon

Auto Power Off Settings Change Power Setting




How Much Battery Power Do I Have Left?

Make Sure The Printer Is Turned On

Go To The Settings Icon Printer Settings

It Will Tell You What Percentage You Have Left










What Is Cloud Album?

This Is Where ALL Your Pictures That You Have Taken Are Stored.

So If You Want to Later On Come And Reprint A Picture With All The Extras That You Put On.

You Just Choose Your Picture Again and Reprint.


Q) Why am Not Receiving My Verification Code In My Email ?


  • Open up Email Address
  • Find Search Key (or Magnification Glass)
  • Type Pringo Into Search Area
  • All Pringo Emails Should Come Up
  • Look For Confirm Registration
  • You Should See VC No ****
  • Go Back To Pringo App
  • Put in Username (email address)
  • Put Password In
  • Put Verification Code (VC)