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Inspiration for Taking Best Friend Photos

Take a moment and think about your best friend. Who is she? What does she mean to you? What would you do without her?

Or maybe your best friend is a he, and hes always been the rock youve leaned on when times are tough, or the one you’ve danced with, when everything is fine and dandy.


Having a best friend is one of the great gifts of life; you can do without a great many things, but you cant do without a person, and that person should be celebrated. Quite often we think to make time for photos with our families or our significant other, but we dont think to do the same for our bestie.


A picture tells a thousand words, and the story of a best friend is easily worth ten of those. Why not tell that story loud and proud with some best friend photos that reflect who you both are, and also where youve been and what you’ve shared?


Here’s some fabulous inspiration for taking photos with your BFF to capture the beauty of (and the reason for) your friendship:


Where did you meet?


All good friendships start somewhere, and what better way to remember that, than by recreating the memories of where it all began?


Take a stroll down memory lane, and think of where you were, when you knew that she was the one.


Did it start on a hot summers day, where the water was the only place to sit and chat and tell all your secrets?


Or on a shopping trip that you  will both always remember.

girls shopping in black and white

Image via: the berry


 Was the beginning the same as so many others? Just hanging out laughing, and showing each other who you are; discovering that you were kind of the same.


girls lying on bed, best friends

Image via: Buzz Feed

Maybe she has always been there, for as long as you can remember, and its time to recreate your childhood.


girls freckle tongues, black and white

Image via: indulgy


However it began, recreating the beginning is a great way to remember why you became friends in the first place.

girls motocross and heels

image via: Pinterest

How does she make you feel?


Best friends are best friends for a hundred different reasons. Stop and take a moment to think how your best friend makes you feel. What can you do with her, that you couldnt without her?


She makes me feel like I can touch the sky.


Best friend photos

Image via: Buzz Feed

She is there to pick me up when I fall.



She listens to me.

Best friends whispering secrets

Image via: Pinterest


She just gets me

Friends hanging out best friend photo

Image via: polyvore

She makes me smile


best friends photo

Image via: Lauren Fliddell

Where are you now?

Life changes, and friendship does too, hopefully growing stronger. Its fun to look at where youve come from, and its just as fun to celebrate where you are now.


Celebrating new relationships.

best friend wedding photos

Image via: Pinterest


 Best friends awaiting expectant arrivals.

Enjoying the novelty of a rare night out (perhaps get the photo at the beginning not the end of the night 😉 ).



Having fun with the things that arent fun at all.


laundromat BFF photo

Image via: Mailewilson

Wherever it started, whatever she means, wherever you are now, a best friend is a special gift worth celebrating. Why not capture that BFF love with photos. 

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pringo photo printer

What’s the best photo you have taken with your BFF?

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