Photography tips, it’s all about perspective

Have you ever been flicking through social media, and come across a photo that makes you look twice? And not because it’s an example of pure photographic genius, but rather because something doesn’t look quite right?

Probably you’ve stumbled across a picture that has been taken with the perspective or the angle skewed slightly, so that the end result is something wonderful or possibly terrifying.

Something like this perhaps:


perspective photo

Image via: Clickypix


A lot of the time those photos happen by accident; someone’s arm is in the wrong place, or someone turns their head and it looks like it ends up on another body. But it is possible (and relatively easy) to recreate some of these fun perspective photography ideas yourself. Here’s 3 tips to get you started:


1. What’s in the distance?


Most fun perspective pics occur because of some famous -or perhaps just interesting – object is in the distance, and as a result looks quite small. While the temptation can be to zoom in for a closer look, try capturing the moment by getting someone to ‘hold’, ‘push’, or even ‘eat’the object instead.




optical illusion photography

image via: funcage


perspective photo

Image via: flickr


When taking these pics, be sure to take quite a few; getting the angle just right can be tricky, but if you’re not afraid to experiment and keep trying, you can end up with an awesome photo, perfect for printing and sharing.


2. Change your perspective- literally


Most of the time- or pretty much, all the time, we take photos from front on. But what if you did it sideways?

Of course that’s not going to change a whole lot either, (cameras are often held sideways) but you can make a photo look as if you’ve taken it from an odd angle, just by getting creative with people placement.


perspective photo

Image via imgur


In this image all the girls are lying on the ground, near a foot path edge, but it’s made to look as if the guy is hanging on by a thread. Just be careful there are no vehicles around before you start lying on the ground :-).


handstand perspective photography

Image via: Deviant Art

If you turn your head upside down, you can see how easy this photo was to take, and then how effective it is when it’s displayed the wrong way around. For these photos it’s as simple as thinking of things you can lean against, sit on, or reach up to to.

3. Use Props

Props are always going to make photos fun, and even more so with perspective photography. Think of simple things like chalk drawings, an aerosol can, or even a photo itself.

chalk perspective photo

Image via: The Burgh Baby


Something like the below forced perspective image takes not much more than good timing, a prop, a camera, a twist of the head and a little imagination.

gods canvas forces perspective photo

image via: Delacor



Another thought is to get creative with your clothing. Think about how what your wearing will match with the background to creating stunning effects.


Forced perspective woman on beach

Image via: dumpaday

Of course once you’ve taken your fun filled perspective shot, what better way to share it than by printing it on your Pringo mini wifi printer. Then you can display it for all the world to see;  in whatever angle you like best.


What’s your favourite type of perspective photography?


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