5 School Holiday Photo Crafts

Depending on which state of Australia you’re in, the school holidays are either looming on the horizon, or in full swing right now. Winter holidays can be a mixed bag of beautiful clear days, or weeks spent hibernating under blankets near the heater while the rain pours outside. Having a few inside activities up your sleeve to keep the kids from getting bored just makes good sense, and lucky for you, we’ve got some great photo craft ideas to keep you all occupied for the winter break.

Bottle top fridge magnets

If you’re a fan of putting photos on your fridge (and who isn’t?), this quick and easy craft idea is a great one that the kids can help you with. Simply cut out your desired photos to the size of a bottle top, glue them in and attach magnet strips to the back. (Tip- you can use old magnets for your strips. The old calendar ones that real estate companies send out are great for this.) It won’t take long, and even younger school age kids can get involved.

Bottle top photo magnets

Image via: I’m Gonna DIY

DIY iPad cover

With more and more kids needing devices for school these days, this is a great way to set your child’s apart from the rest, and have some school holiday fun. You will need to purchase a transfer ready case, and some transfer paper, but apart from that, all you need are some great pics and an iron. More instructions at lil blue boo.

DIY iPad cover

image via:Lil blue boo

Make a scrapbook

Kids love being able to make things that they can look back on, and mini scrapbooks are great for that kind of thing. Even if you haven’t had an actual ‘holiday’ you can use these photo books to remember a fun day, or even to tell a made up story. Consider working together to tell the story of a favourite toy with photos, print them on your Pringo mini wi-fi printer, and then back them on some nice paper, and you’re all set. An illustrated masterpiece that you will enjoy looking back on. More instructions over at A Beautiful Mess.

mini scrap books

Image via: a beautiful mess

Make a Canvas Collage

Older kids love taking photos, and their devices can be overflowing with selfies and random, but important-to-them, moments. Kids of this age (girls in particular), also often enjoying decorating their room in their own style, so why not combine the two loves and create one masterpiece? It’s as easy as buying a blank canvas, painting and decorating it as you like, and attaching photos with glue or washi tape. The end result is something they can look back on for years to come. This one from Crafts Unleashed is perfect and simple.


Photo Blocks

Blocks are one thing that just about every small child enjoys playing with at some point, and perhaps even older ones as well. If you’ve got little kids at home, try making these gorgeous photo blocks. They are simply put together with wooden blocks, Modge Podge and photos (add a layer of paint if you like), and can be played with as soon as they are dry. Tiny hands can help ‘paint’ the Modge Podge on, and what child doesn’t love going to town with glue? (Older kids could manage this craft activity on their own, with adequate supervision.)

Even if you don’t have any block-age children, photo blocks make a great ornament, and you can constantly rotate them to show different images. The gorgeous creations below are thanks to the Pinning Mama

DIY photo blocks

Image via: The Pinning Mama


Bonus: Toothpick painting.

OK so this one has nothing to do with photos, but it is a great school holiday activity to try. Toothpick painting using craft glue and funky neon paints on wooden shapes is a easy way to create some effective art. The kids will love it, and even little people can do it with ease.
(Double bonus: you could use this idea to make photo frames for gifts or display. So it technically is photo craft )


So there you have it; 6 activities to make your school holidays a fun, yet productive event, and give you all the more reason to give your Pringo mini wi-fi printer a work out. (As if you needed one ).

What’s your favourite? Or do you have your own photo craft ideas? We’d love to hear them.

DIY photo frame

10 DIY gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and it’s this time of year that we stop to really think about mums – who they are to us, what they mean…and how on earth to put all those thoughts into the perfect present.

Now every mum is going to differ in what they would prefer you do/not do, buy/not buy, make/not make, on this most special of all mothering days. However you don’t have to look too far past the mother proudly wearing a macaroni necklace in the shopping centre, to know that home made gifts are always well-received.

We’ve put together 10 fun and fabulous ideas for home made crafts and other DIY gifts for Mother’s Day sure to help make this year the best Mothers Day yet.


Cupcake Case Flower Arrangement

cupcake flower arrangement

Instructions at: Be A Fun Mum

How cute are these flowers? Mum will not only love the thought, but the fact that the vase is included with the bouquet. Not to mention most homes will have almost all the materials on hand, making this a quick and effective gift idea.

Scoubidou knotted key chains

Instructions at:

Instructions at: Instructables.com

When a bunch of Mums received one of these each for Mother’s Day last year they all chuckled because they were all over-sized and really long. However almost a year later there are still plenty  mums walking around the school-yard with their Scoubidou knotted key chains, (happy that they can still find their keys in their handbags) and a whole bunch of eight year olds proud as punch that their gifts are still in use.

Personalised Photo Flowers

photo face flower gifts

Instructions at: Ottawa Mommy Club

Mums are usually suckers for Photo gifts made from the heart. The best bit about these flowers, (apart from the super cute faces in the middle), is the fact that will be around for a lot longer than Mothers Day, and longevity in a gift is always welcome. The photos can be printed on your Pringo photo printer and cut to size.

Add them to a decorated pot, (these ones were done with a funky array of washi tape), and you’re sure to have a gift to please.


washi tape pots

Instructions at: Alex Toys


Colourful Hand Dotted Tumblers

hand dotted tumblers

Instructions at: Pop Sugar

For the mum who likes practical things she can use, rather than just look at, why not try these hand dotted tumblers? Easy for little kids, cost effective and they look good to boot. You could even try the same idea on wine glasses or coffee mugs, depending on what the mum in your life prefers to drink.

Mothers Are Angels on Earth Footprint.

mothers are angels footprint

Instructions at: Crafty Morning

This is a super cute way to immortalise tiny baby feet as well as send a beautiful message. It would be a wonderful way to mark a first Mothers Day.

A  Fun Photo Montage

chalk photos

Image via: The Burgh Baby

Photo montages are great not just for mums, but for grandmothers too; particularly those that don’t like nearby. They can be as simple to organise as choosing your favourite photos, a family photo, or having fun taking some new ones. The kids would love being involved in a project like this, and you can tailor the drawings and message to fit your family.

 Personalised Photo Frames 

DIY photo frame

Instructions via: Nine Red

Of course then what better way to present the photos than with personalised photo frames? These repurposed frames would be a perfect way to display your Pringo printed photos, and the best thing is you can keep changing the display depending on your mood and what photos you’ve recently printed.


Lovely Lavender Sachet

DIY lavender sachet

Instructions at: What no mints. 

This is a lovely idea, especially heading into the cooler months when rooms and cars can easily get stuffy. Older children should be able to do this with not to much trouble, and it’s sure to make any mum smile.


Painted Rock Garden Markers

rock gifts

Instructions at: Crafts By Amanda

Painted rock garden markers are a great gift idea for the mum who loves spending time in her garden. Fun and practical, they are bound to a be a winner.

So there you have it- 10 easy DIY gifts for Mother’s Day that won’t break the budget and will bring a smile to the face of that special mum in your life.



mothers day Pringo

10 DIY gift ideas for teachers

As the end of the school year draws nearer, parents and children alike are starting to think about what to give their teachers (you know, the people that have put up with little munchkins day in, day out all year!) to say thank-you. And whilst there’s plenty of gifts out there you can buy, there’s nothing quite like a hand-made DIY gift. It speaks of love, adoration and not-to-mention adds a little more personal value to a gift that also whispers humble thank-yous and sorrys to the teacher who’s put up with the bad days as well as the good.

So as the kids prepare to farewell their beloved teachers, here’s 10 incredible DIY gift ideas for teachers they can bestow upon them before they part ways for the school holidays.


Pencils/Crayons Vase

This vase made up of unsharpened pencils is a lovely, simple and doable idea from It All Started With Paint.

How to make it: Apply an adequate layer of super glue on the outer section of a tin can and start sticking color pencils one by one, making sure that they are stuck close to each other. Once you have covered the entire can with pencils wrap a ribbon around it until the pencils are strongly stuck to the can. The vase would be dry and ready by the next morning. This can also be used as a fancy pen holder or you can even fill the can with some candies and give it to the teacher.

Tip: You can use pencils, crayons or color pencils to create this vase.


Chalkboard Pot

chalk pot teacher gift

Image via: Ali Lily Blog

Found over at Ali Lily Blog this personalised flower pot will allow your child to leave whatever note his heart desires on his teacher’s gift.

How to make it: Spray paint a plain plant pot with chalkboard paint and for added effect paint the top part in yellow paint to create a ruler design. Ask your child to write their message in chalk for their teacher. The same gift can be created using an empty pot which can be filled with small gifts, chocolates or lollies…..or wine…..teachers tend to love wine……


DIY Pencil Frame

This pencil frame found at A Creative Princess will literally take about 10 minutes to create – handy if you’re a last-minute gift-giver.


How to make it: Pick an old frame or buy a plain one from a dollar store. Cover all four corners with a coat of super glue and start placing standard pencils or color pencils until the actual frame is absolutely covered with pencils. Once the frame is entirely covered, place a photo of a printed or a handwritten message or a picture of the teacher with your kid and the gift is ready. Once it’s finished print a pic from your Pringo mini smartphone printer of the class, a moment from the year, the school logo of whatever takes your fancy to attach to the frame before you hand it over.


Crayon Wreath

crayon wreath, teacher gift

Image via: Tip Jumkie


This adorable crayon wreath from Tip Junkie can be made with cute messages and the teacher’s name affixed to it and is sure to leave the teacher speechless (for all the right reasons).

How to make it: Buy a wreath template or you can create one yourself using a thick cardboard. Using adhesive, start pasting crayons along the wreath and go on until the entire form is covered. Place cute messages written on craft paper and the teachers name over the crayons.


Vintage Photo Board

vintage photo board

Image via: Shelterness

Found over at Shelterness, this gift is a cross between a photo frame and photo board. Once you’ve done up your photoboard, print photos from your iphone or Android device with your Pringo mini printer and affix them with old-style timber clothes pegs.

How to make it: You would require an old frame which can be as big or as small as you want. Remove the back cover of the frame so what you get is a see-through frame. Attach metal strings or ribbons horizontally leaving at least 10-15cm gap between each string. Now using clothespin, hang photos of kids from the classroom, sports days and other significant school events.


 Creative Monogram Frame

monogram frame

Image via: That’s Right

This creative monogram craft also requires an old frame and is sure to bring a smile to the teacher’s face.

How to make it: Use a presentable photo frame to create this gift. Use a white or any color of craft paper and cut it as per the size of the frame. Using a pencil, roughly write the teacher’s initial on the paper and once you are happy with the design start placing crayons over the letter. The crayon can be placed as simply as you wish or add other creative design such as shown in the picture where just about 5cm of crayons are used with the tip of the crayon being the focal attraction. More on this one here.


DIY Tote Bag


Transform a plain white tote bag into this creative personalised tote (found over at Yesterday On Tuesday) which can be designed by your kids too.

How to make it: Buy a plain white tote bag and using half an apple and red paint stamp apple shapes onto the bag. Paint a small, sturdy leaf green and stamp it above each of the apple stamps. Let the bag dry over night and gift it to the teacher with some confectioneries/wine inside.


Nail Paint with a Personalized Message

nail paint

Image via: Saving by design


This is a perfect last minute gift idea we found at Saving by Design and of course apt for a female teacher.

How to make it: This DIY gift requires a pretty nail paint and it only works if you attach this cute teacher quote to the nail paint. So cut craft paper in the shape you desire (heart, round, square etc) and using color pens or sharpie write the quote “Teachers like you paint bright futures.”  Attach it to the nail paint using a satin ribbon and you are done.


‘Thank You’ Photo Art

thank-you photo

Image via Pinterest


There’s no better way to say ‘Thank You’ to a teacher than this photo art found on Pinterest. This one was specifically for a football coach but the same idea can be done for school teachers.

How to make it: This DIY gift is pretty simple to be created. Though it would require two or more kids to create this artsy photo but in case you run out of kids then use substitute items such as baseball bat, basket ball, tennis racquet etc to complete the photo. Photos need to be clicked for one letter at a time. Once the photos are clicked, print them, align them on a craft paper and cut it as per the size of the frame and paste the photos on the craft paper. Insert the complete photo art in the photo frame and you are done.

Photo Pot


Another easy and simple gift idea using a pot with tiny gifts, books or flowers inside it found at A Diamond in the Stuff.

How to make it: Spray paint a plastic pot with black paint and using mod podge or super glue place photos printed from your Pringo smartphone printer around the pot. Apply one layer of mod podge over the photos for a finished look and add cute ribbons and bow to it.


If you’re not an overly creative person (or just don’t have the time/energy/inkling) to DIY a gift for your child’s teacher, there’s always wine, flowers, chocolates, wine (did I mention wine) or a Pringo mini wifi photo printer that they can use to instantly print photos from their smartphone in the classroom next year.


Are you planning on getting/making a gift for your child’s teacher this year?


photo journal ideas

Ideas for creating a cool travel journal

Creating a travel journal is an exciting and reminiscent way of capturing gorgeous memories created while on holidays. Not only is a great way of displaying photographs but it’s a way of creatively storing small significant items collected in your travels.
Bearing in mind that a travel journal is really as unique as the person putting it together. You can be a crazy, eccentric or simple as you like. As long as your journal or smash diary represents you and your precious holiday.

Get some supplies

Before you begin your travel journal, you’ll need a few supplies. A diary or notebook of some description is a helpful starter, some coloured markers,  glue, coloured tape, pieces of card, printed photos of your adventures and any other trinkets that you collected along the way.

scrapbooking supplies creating a travel journal

Ideas for supplies. Image via: therealisticmama.com 


Start with a photo

You don’t have to be particularly artistic or creative, you just need the sense of adventure that accompanied you on your travels. If you’re not sure where to start. Glue a photograph on a page and then write around it. It doesn’t have to be neat, in fact scribbly writing and little doodly pictures all add character.


It’s more than just words and pictures

Your travel journal can be more than words and photographs printed from your smartphone. Think flora, fauna, dirt, sand, leaves and anything else that captures moments and memories while you’re traveling (that won’t get you into trouble if you have to go through quarantine 🙂 ).

Think before you throw it out

Small things that you’d ordinarily throw out while travelling may have a lot of significance when you return home so think before you throw it out. Bus, ferry and train tickets usually have times and dates and even destinations on them which in years to come will be priceless memories in your smash book. Serviettes, postage stamps, newspaper clippings, a scrap of material from the leg of your favourite jeans……as I mentioned, how creative you want this is completely up to you.


Sometimes the messier the better

Whilst some of your scrapbook pages might be neat and pretty, they don’t all have to be. Don’t be afraid to use a couple of pages to smash together overlapping and lopsided photos, business cards, cut-outs and other things that bring together a day or place in your travels.

You don’t need to start with a journal

Okay, okay so we mentioned at the start that a journal or notebook of some description is helpful – it’s actually not overly necessary. A couple of ring binders from a decent stationary shop is another great way of pulling together photos, postcards, and other cool trinkets stuck to pieces of coloured card. This one from Saturday Morning Vintage is a simple and chic way of putting together a travel journal.

Putting together a travel journal doesn’t have to be difficult but it certainly does take a little planning and lots of reminiscing. These are such a great way of capturing and storing lasting memories of your holidays.


If you’re searching for a small photo printer that you can take traveling with you, the Pringo wifi photo printer is small enough to fit in your handbag or luggage and allows you to print photos from your iphone, iOS or Android device. You can even add stamps, words and borders to your photos before you print via the free Pringo app to add that extra level of coolness to your travel journal pics.


Got any other ideas for creating a cool travel journal?