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10 DIY gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and it’s this time of year that we stop to really think about mums – who they are to us, what they mean…and how on earth to put all those thoughts into the perfect present.

Now every mum is going to differ in what they would prefer you do/not do, buy/not buy, make/not make, on this most special of all mothering days. However you don’t have to look too far past the mother proudly wearing a macaroni necklace in the shopping centre, to know that home made gifts are always well-received.

We’ve put together 10 fun and fabulous ideas for home made crafts and other DIY gifts for Mother’s Day sure to help make this year the best Mothers Day yet.


Cupcake Case Flower Arrangement

cupcake flower arrangement

Instructions at: Be A Fun Mum

How cute are these flowers? Mum will not only love the thought, but the fact that the vase is included with the bouquet. Not to mention most homes will have almost all the materials on hand, making this a quick and effective gift idea.

Scoubidou knotted key chains

Instructions at:

Instructions at:

When a bunch of Mums received one of these each for Mother’s Day last year they all chuckled because they were all over-sized and really long. However almost a year later there are still plenty  mums walking around the school-yard with their Scoubidou knotted key chains, (happy that they can still find their keys in their handbags) and a whole bunch of eight year olds proud as punch that their gifts are still in use.

Personalised Photo Flowers

photo face flower gifts

Instructions at: Ottawa Mommy Club

Mums are usually suckers for Photo gifts made from the heart. The best bit about these flowers, (apart from the super cute faces in the middle), is the fact that will be around for a lot longer than Mothers Day, and longevity in a gift is always welcome. The photos can be printed on your Pringo photo printer and cut to size.

Add them to a decorated pot, (these ones were done with a funky array of washi tape), and you’re sure to have a gift to please.


washi tape pots

Instructions at: Alex Toys


Colourful Hand Dotted Tumblers

hand dotted tumblers

Instructions at: Pop Sugar

For the mum who likes practical things she can use, rather than just look at, why not try these hand dotted tumblers? Easy for little kids, cost effective and they look good to boot. You could even try the same idea on wine glasses or coffee mugs, depending on what the mum in your life prefers to drink.

Mothers Are Angels on Earth Footprint.

mothers are angels footprint

Instructions at: Crafty Morning

This is a super cute way to immortalise tiny baby feet as well as send a beautiful message. It would be a wonderful way to mark a first Mothers Day.

A  Fun Photo Montage

chalk photos

Image via: The Burgh Baby

Photo montages are great not just for mums, but for grandmothers too; particularly those that don’t like nearby. They can be as simple to organise as choosing your favourite photos, a family photo, or having fun taking some new ones. The kids would love being involved in a project like this, and you can tailor the drawings and message to fit your family.

 Personalised Photo Frames 

DIY photo frame

Instructions via: Nine Red

Of course then what better way to present the photos than with personalised photo frames? These repurposed frames would be a perfect way to display your Pringo printed photos, and the best thing is you can keep changing the display depending on your mood and what photos you’ve recently printed.


Lovely Lavender Sachet

DIY lavender sachet

Instructions at: What no mints. 

This is a lovely idea, especially heading into the cooler months when rooms and cars can easily get stuffy. Older children should be able to do this with not to much trouble, and it’s sure to make any mum smile.


Painted Rock Garden Markers

rock gifts

Instructions at: Crafts By Amanda

Painted rock garden markers are a great gift idea for the mum who loves spending time in her garden. Fun and practical, they are bound to a be a winner.

So there you have it- 10 easy DIY gifts for Mother’s Day that won’t break the budget and will bring a smile to the face of that special mum in your life.



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Photocraft: 6 things to create with your photographs

There’s nothing quite as gratifying as taking a photograph and making it into something different. Something crafty. Something handmade. Photocraft ends in something you can gift , use or decorate your house or office with. There are literally 1000’s of photocraft ideas and inspirations across the web (which you’ll know if you’ve spent anytime on Pinterest), it’s just a matter of finding the ones you like AND the ones that are within your skill set :-). Here’s a few of our favourite ideas for turning your printed photographs into something extra special:

1. Creative Gift Wrap

There’s two ways you can wrap a gift, just plain old wrap it, or….. you can tell a story with your gift wrap. Adding photos to your gift wrap is a beautiful way of telling (or re-telling) a story, emphasising a friendship or showing how much you care. Adding photos to your gift wrapping adds both significance and personal value to the gift, not-to-mention negates the need to add a card 🙂 . Here’s a heartwarming idea for a perfect gift wrap that will guarantee smiles from the recipient.

How to make it: Print a photo relevant to the person or the occasion.Wrap the gift with a plain gift wrap, then wrap with ribbon along the length of the gift. Make sure the two ends of the ribbon meet in the centre of your gift. Stick down the two ends of ribbon to your gift with adhesive then stick your photo on top of ribbon where the two ends meet. Such a simple addition to your gift, but it adds so much meaning.

Photo craft gift wrap

Image from:

2. Bottletop Photo Magnets

Create your very own adorable bottletop photo magnets. They are a great gift option for friends or family for Christmas, birthdays or even gifts to use at the office.  Alternatively, make these magnets with photos of your most recent holiday and stick them on your fridge to keep you going until your next holiday. 

How to make it: Set aside the number of bottletops you’re planning to use. You can use beer bottletops, soda tops, or any other bottle tops that are clean and undamaged.

Print your photos and cut them in the shape and size of the inside of your bottletops (The standard size of a soda cap is about 2.5 cms in diameter).

Paint the inside of the cap with multiple layers (at least two) of white hobby paint so it gives it a fresh, clean and new look before you add photos. Once the paint is completely dry, stick the small photos in the cap using adhesive. Now, using a stronger adhesive, stick a small piece of magnet sheet at the back of the cap. Let it cool off for a few hours. And it’s ready!

Stick to the nearest fridge or magnetic whiteboard. 

bottle top photo magnets

Image and inspiration from:

2. Balloon Photo Holder

Make your party decoration the best by creating this unique balloon photo holder at the dinner table. What a great conversation starter!

How to make it: Print 10 photos relevant to the occasion (e.g if it’s a birthday party print photos of the birthday girl/boy, for a wedding print pics of the lucky couple etc.). Now, you will need 10 sheets of white paper the same shape of your photos but about 1/2 – 1 inch wider than your  photos. Stick each photo in the centre of the paper and attach it to satin ribbon and punch a hole in the top centre of the paper.  Inflate 10 balloons with helium, tie off the ribbon to each of your balloons holding the inflated balloon and let the balloons hit the ceiling. You can have a variety of effects by either making your ribbon the same length for uniformity (maybe if you’re using the same photo) or have different lengths to mix it up. This special photo arrangement can be displayed at occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings, engagement parties…..oh the list goes on…

Photo balloon holder

Image from:

3. Fun Photo Bookmarks

This is such a neat idea for a Christmas gift or stocking filler for kids or family members. They’re heaps of fun to make too if you get the kids involved. 

How to make it: You can create this super fun photo bookmark by first taking a photo of the kids individually in a fun position with one or both of their arms above their heads. Print the photo and then cut around the shape of the child. Glue the photo onto a plain white sheet (then laminate if you have a laminator) and roughly cut the white sheet also in the same shape as the kid’s figure (the white sheet will create a strong base for the photo). Use a hole puncher to punch a hole through the pictured child’s hand then tie off handcrafted woolen string or a sleek satin ribbon to it. 

photo book marks

photo bookmarks

Love these ones in particular from:

4. Re-create Your Lampshade

This lampshade makes a perfect gift for a friend, mum, Dad or someone else special in your life.  This would add a lovely, personal touch to any room and is a great talking point. 

How to make it: Print the desired photos and arrange them how you want them placed on the lampshade. Once you’ve figure out the pattern you want, stick the photos to the lampshade using a hot glue gun. Carefully finish by bluing a layer of clear vellum around your lampshade and over the top of your photos. More ideas for doing this particular lampshade here

photo lampshade

Inspiration from:

5. Handmade Christmas Tree Photo Ornaments


Another great idea to get creative with photos is by dangling them on your Christmas tree as decoration. I mean, what could beat these ornaments? And it is super easy to create.

How to make it: Cut out a small cardboard and make sure it matches the size of the photo you’d like to hang on the tree. Carefully paste the photo over the cardboard using adhesive. Now add a small sized string/satin ribbon at the back of the cardboard to hang the photo. Let it set for a few hours and hang them on your Christmas Tree. This is also a great gesture to show relatives and friends how much they mean to you. 

handmade christmas photo ornaments

Inspiration from:

 6. DIY Photo Puzzle

This photo puzzle always makes me gush!! This is a sweet idea for a personalised puzzle for a toddler or pre-schooler. You might choose a photo of the child’s favourite person, pet or object so it’s familiar when they try to put it together.

How to make it: Print a clear and uncluttered photo. Line up paddlepop sticks side-by-side and on a level surface (you’ll need anywhere between 10-20 sticks depending on the size of the photo you’re using). Lay a strip of glue along each of the sticks then carefully place your photo on top. Allow to dry for an hour or so. With a sharp knife or craft knife, cut between each stick. Now you’re ready for a little bit of toddler problem-solving action. Note: you might want to number each of the pieces.

photo puzzle

This particular photo puzzle from danyabanya always makes me gush 🙂


So there you go, a couple of simple and creative ways of turning your photos and memories into something even more special. Photocraft doesn’t have to be difficult and the rewards are just invaluable.


What crafty things are you planning to do with your photos? 



Note: these fabulous inspirations have all come from wonderful websites and blogs. You can find links within the captions of each photograph if you’d like to see the original source. 



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