7 ways taking photos has changed and why it’s better now.

7 ways taking photos

Do you remember, back when you were a kid, and someone took your photo? It was a lesson in patience; both the process of the photo taking and the wait to get it developed.

These days, we see something worth photographing, and we just take a pic, in fact we take a dozen, we select our favourite, make it pretty and then share the photo with everyone we know.


Actually here’s seven ways that taking photos has changed since you were a kid, why it’s better now:


  1. You had to do it properly.


Now I’m not familiar with the process of sitting for an oil painting, (not having lived in that era thankfully), but getting your picture taken when I was a kid, was, I assume, quite similar. It involved sitting still, posing perfectly, and not squinting at the wrong moment. You had to do it right, for no other fact than there were only 24 opportunities for photos on that roll of film (36 if you were super lucky), and the thought of ruining one was considered truly wasteful. There was no possibility for silly photos with fake smiles or an over abundance of teeth; taking photos was serious business.

These days, our camera rolls are filled with pics of kids hanging upside down, or smiling in their own, very unique way, and it’s perfect. It’s natural, there’s no staging, and because we don’t have to limit the number of images, everyone can just be themselves and we can delete the ones we don’t like.


2.   If you took a bad photo, you were stuck with it.


The light might have been in your eyes, or someone made you laugh, or maybe your dad just hit the button before you were ready, but the camera did not care. You could pretty much guarantee, that on photo printing day, there would be at least one (if not a good third of the pics) with someone either talking, chewing, revealing something they shouldn’t be revealing, or their eyes half closed. And that bad photo was kept forever- hung proudly on the hallway wall, or put in some photo album that was pulled out at every family reunion, because photos were expensive, and you would never just throw one out.

Once that photo was printed, it was the end, and you were doomed for all of eternity.


These days, we take a thousand and one pictures until we find one that is perfect. Which is probably a good thing, otherwise Facebook would be a much scarier place.


3. Printing was an event.


Now it might have been different in your home, but in ours, printing was an event. We didn’t just finish a roll of film and take it in to be developed; no we waited. Months sometimes, until there were enough rolls filled up to justify the whole thing.

It wasn’t just the expense (although that did factor into it), but also the waiting. You took your rolls in one day, and then picked them up the next. As I got older, that changed, and the waiting was quicker, but it was still waiting. Sure you could walk around and do your shopping in that hour, but it dragged when you were getting photos developed because you couldn’t leave until they were done. Add to that the whole excitement of wondering what would be on them (because it was so long ago you had forgotten), and then the dismay that someone had put their finger over the lens, and it was a whole roller coaster of expectation and emotion.


Printing is still an event, but thanks to Pringo mini wifi photo printers, you don’t have to wait at all, and everything is there at literally the touch of a button.


4. The pressure of removing the roll.


Ok so between the necessity of sitting still, the terror of being branded with a terrible shot, and the frustration of the wait, the actual process of getting photos printed was full of pressure. I have very vivid memories of being told quite sternly to ‘never open the back of the camera,’as if the very universe might implode if I did.

Of course I was a kid so opening did happen. Once out of curiosity (what does this button do- whoops!) and a few times accidentally, and the resulting furore was memorable. Not that I actually recall an entire roll every succumbing to that fate. Mostly one picture had a bit of a blob on it, and that was it. (Of course it was usually the best photo of the bunch, but you get that.)


That pressure is now gone. No more film rolls means no more responsibility for being the one person who ruined all the memories.


5. Filters were for the professionals.


One year I did a photography course on a school holiday program, and we got to learn the actual process of photo development in the dark room. It was all trays of chemicals and special paper, and hanging up photos after watching the images come to life. I remember two things vividly from that experience. One, you could alter the look of the picture depending on how long and what chemicals you shook it in. And two, if you made a mistake you could somehow flip the images in your photo. It was exactly like Pic Monkey but different.

Of course getting things printed at the photo shop was a different matter, and you didn’t get a huge amount of choice in how you wanted your film developed, but you could express your artistic flair afterwards. Similar to what’s available on photo Apps today, you could add thoughts and words all with the help of a very convenient, stick-on speech bubble.


As charming as those stickers were, today’s photo editing is coming up trumps. We can take the worst pic and turn it into something worth putting on a wall size canvas, with an inspirational quote printed on it to boot. Just a little more impressive than speech bubbles.


6. Sharing photos was done in person. With tea.


Sharing of photos used to be like this all the time. After a wedding you would catch up and pour over the album with a cup of tea, being careful to ‘not touch the edges’in fear you would ruin the memories. (There’s that pressure again.) Every now and then someone will come over and the kids pull out their baby albums, sit on their laps, and then subject our visitors to a long and detailed explanation of our family history, full of interesting facts like a child’s favourite blanket, or ‘the time I bumped my head.’ Which is wonderful if you’re a close friend, but a little awkward if you’ve just come to drop over the mail you received by accident.


Mostly these days, sharing is done online with a link or an app, or on social media. Now instead of having someone sitting on you while you try not to spill your tea, you can look at pics in real time (or as soon as they are uploaded), when it’s convenient for you.


7. You had to pack a camera.


It was one of the special items in all kinds of bags; the camera. You might forget any other thing when going on holiday, or having a baby, but the camera could not be forgotten. Of course you also had to make sure you had plenty of film for it, and that your batteries were charged, or else it was all for naught.


While you can still pack the ‘good’camera for those really important moments, smart phones do such a good job that half the time you don’t have to worry about it. You can get the pictures you need, plus the ones you want, and a couple of random selfies thrown into boot. And if that’s not a positive thing, I don’t know what is.

So there you have it. Seven ways the world of image capturing has changed – and improved -since we were all little.

Can you think of anything we’ve missed?


6 ways of sharing photos online

Stop and think to yourself: what did you do with the last photo you took? Chances are, you shared it somewhere. Gone are the days of keeping our precious memories locked up in albums that are pulled out once a year; photo sharing has become so common, its almost second nature.

Of course how you share your photos is another matter all together, and differs depending on resources and know-how.

Well to help you share your beautiful photographs with as many people as you want seeing them, we’ll show you six different ways for sharing photos online.



 This one is a bit of a no brainer. Almost everyones on Facebook, including some confused individuals from the upper verges of life, who only want to see the latest photos of the grandkids. Facebook is probably the quickest, most effective way of sharing your photos, organising them into groups, and specifically targeting the people you want to see them. You can of course control the privacy settings of your images as well, allowing the public, your friends list, or just a specific group of people to see them.

facebook photo sharing

Share photos publicly or with just friends and family or another select group of people with Facebook.



Similar to Facebook, Instagram allows you to follow people you know, people you want to know and brand pages. You can choose to make your images as private or as public as you like. You can even share short (15 second) videos across the platform. 

Instagram is great if youre interested in photography, and serious photographers use it just as much as the amateurs, and you can glean tips whilst you browse. Another advantage of Instagram is that you can share from there to other platforms including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr. Instagram is also the best way to showcase what you ate, what you wore, and how you arranged the cushions on your couch on any given day. Best of all, you can add filters to make your pics look even more stunning before you share them.

instagram photo

Share crazy pics of you, your friends, family or your dinner via Instagram. Image via: Dans Papers



If your wanting to store larger images in all their photographic glory, Flickr is a great resource. Once again, you can make your photos available to just friends or family, or the general public, but unlike them, with a pro account, you can also store your original images on the server, meaning your image quality is preserved and protected.

If you own or run a website, and you want to include your larger files on, Flickr is a great way of sharing. Rather than upload the images to your own server and chew through your memory, you upload them to Flickr and utilise the embed code.  You can also share galleries in this way.

Flickr has the added bonus of allowing you to manage your settings so that others can print, download or share your images. A great resource if you have family who want to be able to decorate their walls.




drop box screen share

Image credit

If you haven’t got a dropbox account already, stop right there and go get yourself one! Dropbox has long been known as a safety net for backups. If your computer, hard drive, or any other of the multitude of items you have stored your files onto dies, then dropbox is your hero.

Provided you have uploaded your stuff on to it.

Dropbox stores your documents/photos/important stuff, somewhere in the ether, and if you can remember your password, you can access it from any computer or device, which is what makes it secure. It also works great as a photo sharing device. Not only is it keeping your photos safe, but you can share them with anyone who has a link to a specific folder.

Dropbox is simple to use, and you can easily safe your images or files straight to it. Its also accessible via app as well, so you can be on the go, and still enjoy its benefits.




Tumblr is microblogging platform that enables people to share thoughts, videos and photos easily and quickly. Its not all pics, unlike Flickr or Instagram, but if youre the sort of person who wants to add a verse of poetry, or an inspiring line to your images, its a great form of sharing.

By default Tumblr is a public sharing platform, but you can change your settings once your account is set up, if you dont want to share with the world.



Image credit



If youve got a teen in the home, youve probably heard of this one. Or maybe not, because they are a teen. The idea of SnapChat is to communicate through photos, which can be a lot of fun when you simply must send a picture of something hilarious you saw to your husband while he is at work. SnapChat works really well, for quick, fun messages, but its designed to save the memory on your phone, so it auto deletes up to ten seconds after the photo is viewed.

SnapChat is a different type of photo sharing. Its not what youre going to use to share pictures of our kids with your mum who will want to keep them, but it will work for sending things to friends without using up all their phone space.


Snapchat by Deviant Art

Snap Chat pic by Deviant Art

Of course you can always share your photos in the flesh by printing them with Pringo mini wifi photo printers, and stave off the need for links, backups and even an internet connection.

Pringo Mobile Printer, mini photo printer

Photo sharing, has never been easier. 

How do you share your photos?

yarn egg surprises easter craft

7 Creative Easter Craft ideas

With Easter just around the corner and our shopping centre aisles having been full of easter eggs and fluffy bunnies for months, it’s time to start looking at all the crafty stuff that associated with this time of year. From Easter garlands, grass heads and kids’ Easter craft, it’s a nice way to focus on the fun and family side of Easter rather than just the chocolate (although the chocolate is sooo good).

Here’s 7 creative Easter crafts that we’ve found that you’re going to love doing with the children.


Easy Easter Bunny Mask

This oh-so-simple Easter bunny mask is a lovely idea to create with the kids. It’s simple enough for even the littlies to help, it doesn’t require a lot of materials and can be completed fairly quickly. Bingo! Instructions for putting this together over at MPM School Supplies.

 Photo Grass Heads

Every now and then our kids bring home a crazy looking Mr Grass Head to sit on the kitchen window sill. They’re a great novelty and fun for the kids. This is a creative take on Grass Head craft with the inclusion of a photo of each child. You can print your photo straight from your smartphone on your Pringo mini Printer, affix to the cup with craft glue or sticky tape.  Add soil and grass seeds to your cup then water and wait for your child’s grass hair to grow. Such a novel idea and a lovely personalised crafty gift for grandparents. More instructions for this at Rainbows within Reach.

Personalised Photo Easter Eggs

Every Easter many families paint or dye eggs to celebrate and symbolise Easter. This is a very unique take on the whole egg-dying gig. It’s a bit of a process to do it, but the end result is worth it. These eggs would make for a great present for family and friends to replace or accompany the usual chocolatey feast. Instructions for creating these can be found at  A Subtle Revelry.


Baby Easter Bunny Photo Craft


Now it’s not really Easter without gluing lots of cotton wool around something that looks like a bunny. This cute crafty creation is fun to make with the kids and they’ll love the end product. Cut the shape of a bunny out of cardboard, print a photo of your ‘bunny baby’ on your Pringo printer and stick into the centre of the bunny’s face. Paint the middle of the ears pink. Line the outside of the ears and the body of the bunny with cotton wool or cotton balls stuck with craft glue. Add cut outs of your little ones pink foot prints for feet. So, so cute. More instructions found at Parent Dish.


Easter bunny craft photo

Image via: parent dish 


Yarn Eggs

Now these are super creative and the end result is just amazing. You can use these yarn eggs as a table decoration or you can  give them as homemade Easter gifts. The beauty of these is you can put a little surprise in each one of them depending on the recipient. Love! You can find the instructions for these at Simply Modern Mom.

Rainbow Easter Garland

If you love to decorate your house throughout the Easter period, this is a nice simple yet beautiful way of doing it. This Easter garland is made using colour pallets (or paint chips) you can get from your local Bunnings or hardware store. Make an Easter egg shape template then cut each of the cards in the shape of an Easter Egg, string together using twine and hang above a doorway, mantle or anywhere else you’d like to ‘Easter up’. Instructions for this found at Modern Parent Messy Kids.

Hide and seek Easter Egg Peg Craft

We couldn’t find the original instructions for this Hide and Seek Peg craft but it doesn’t look too difficult to do and the kids will love them. All you need is timber pegs, craft glue, heavy duty cardboard cut in the shape of eggs and then cut in half with the zig-zag broken egg look and a cardboard image of what you’d like inside of the egg. You could even print a photo of each of your children’s faces on your Pringo, cut it down to size then glue to the back of the peg so the child’s face can be seen when the peg is opened. Such a novel idea.



easter craft

Image found here (if you know the original source, please contact us so they can be credited)

Easter is such a beautiful time of the year and whilst it’s nice to feast on chocolate for a short time, it’s also lovely to include Easter craft as part of your celebration.


Do you have Easter traditions or do you do Easter craft? We’d love to hear your ideas. 

Ideas for DIY Wedding Photography

The moment you start planning your wedding, you’ll feel your wallet start to lighten because we all know how expensive weddings can be. And if you’re trying to work out where to spend your money and where to save it, I’d say, if you can, don’t skimp on getting a decent photographer.  You’re going to be looking at those photos for a lifetime (hopefully) so you’ll want to have some good ones – not just photos of Aunty Mary’s left thumb in every shot.

Wedding photographers have a critical job to do on the big day and that’s to capture the special moments surrounding the happy couple, their families and any other people they’ve been instructed to capture. The thing is, they can’t be everywhere at once. That means while they’re busy capturing  traditional pics of the groom, his mother, his estranged father 2 sisters, his little brother and his 2 year old nephew, no one is capturing everything else behind the scenes. And sometimes, they’re the most fun photos. So don’t forget the DIY wedding photos taken by your wedding guests. Whilst some couples aren’t overly enthused with having their guests take photos on the day, if you don’t mind so much, you’ve got a great chance of getting some fantastic character shots if you make your wedding guest earn their keep by playing photographer for you. And there’s lots of ways you can get them to help you

Here’s some ideas you can use to let your guests contribute to your DIY wedding photography:

Disposable cameras

Whilst it’s a little old school, leaving a disposable camera on each guest table has some great positives – it’s cost effective, you’ll get lots and lots of extra photos and the photos at the end are a complete surprise (in more ways than one in a lot of cases). Also because you know exactly how many you’ve distributed, you can factor in your photo processing costs into your wedding budget.

Set up a drop folder

Before the big day, set up a wedding drop folder (there’s plenty of secure drop folders including DropBox, One Drive, iCloud etc.) and ask everyone to take lots of photos and then upload photos taken on their iPhones and DLSRs of the big day as soon as they can after the event. You’ll be guaranteed to have some great photos in there, some you’d never expected.


Wedding hashtag

If you’re happy for people to share your wedding day memories across social media, make sure you set up a hashtag before the day so you can save photos from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and perhaps even print up a photobook or collage out of them. Make the hashtag unique to make sure those posts don’t get mixed up with other posts.

Setup a DIY Photobooth

DIY outdoor photo Booths are a super-cool and fun way of capturing photos of each of your wedding guests on the day. If you’ve got your Pringo photo printer there, photos taken on Smartphones can be printed on the day and taken away as personalised wedding favours.

Print photos on the day

Set up a couple of Pringo mini wifi photo printers with instructions on how to hook your guests’ smartphones to the device so they can print photos there and then either hang them on display throughout the night or take them home to keep. Guests could get selfies with each of the Bride and Groom.

photo wedding display

Image via: Paperblog

So whilst your fabulous wedding photographer is happy snapping away traditional photos of the newly married couple and their families, don’t forget to take the opportunity to use your wedding guests and their many iPhones to capture all those moments that your photographer has missed.

20 ideas for using your Pringo smartphone printer

We know you love your Pringo mini smartphone printer as much as we do but apart from just printing and sharing photos from your mobile have you stopped to consider all the other brilliant things you can do with your Pringo? We’ve started to collate a list (yes this is only just the start) to give you some inspiration for the wonderful things you can do with your Pringo photos.

1. Baby announcements and Christening/Baby Naming invitations

Grab a gorgeous photo of your bub, add text, stickers and borders with the Pringo App then send out for personalised baby announcements or as invitations to Christenings or Naming ceremonies.

baby announcements

2. Personalised Birthday Cards

Turn a selfie into a birthday card to add to your next birthday present. Great for kids or adult presents alike. Just take a photo of the gift giver(s), add a birthday message with the photo app and instant birthday card. Cheaper than a store bought one and sooo much nicer!

birthday cards

3. Personalised photo business cards

If you have a small business, chances are you’ll already have a business card to hand out at your next networking event. Problem is, if you’ve printed them in bulk they can get stale or boring by the time you get to the last of them. With your Pringo wifi photo printer you can print yourself a different business card every day for every occasion. Personalise it to the day, event or to suit your mood – however you roll.

business cards

business cards1

4. Personalised decorative ornaments

Perfect for Christmas or other special occasions, create your very own personalised ornaments for hanging on the Christmas tree, on the wall or in a bedroom. Beautiful.


christmas ornaments

crafty stuff5. Personalised Coasters

Perfect as a photo gift for a friend, print photos of family members, sports teams, pets or anything you like, then glue to coasters to personalise them.

6. Photo framed photo frame (try and say that 10 times!)

Turn a photo frame into a photo framed photo frame by affixing Pringo printed photos with some craft glue. You’ll notice this one uses black and white photos (which you can do with the Pringo App) so it doesn’t detract from the photo that will eventually be placed inside the frame.
craft frame

7. Loot bags and gift bags

Next time you’re having a kid’s birthday party, why not personalise the loot bags with a photo of the birthday child. Better still, take photos of the birthday child with each of the attendees and print one for the guest and one for the birthday child to go into the scrapbook. Nice.



loot bags



gift bags


 8. Gifts for the Grandfolk

We all know how much grandparents love photos of their grandbabies (actually that could read parents and their kids too) so why not create (or buy) a display board with cute little pegs that updated photos of Pringo printed babes can be attached to. You’ll definitely be the favourite child if you get this going!




grandkids displat

Image credit

9. Turn your holiday memory into a beautiful display

This is a nice way of turning your moments into sharable memories by bringing a piece of your holiday home with you (as long as you’re not breaching any quarantine laws….just sayin’).

holiday photo art

Image via: Kodak





10. Organise yourself with Pringo

The next time you’re doing a clean out and tidy up, organise yourself by printing photos of things stored in boxes before you put them away in storage. Helps to jog your memory of the contents (rather than just writing on the box) plus it makes you look super-organised (even more so that what you already are!).
labeling your boxes11. Label parcels

Turn a plain parcel into something gorgeous with a Pringo photo attached. Just punch a hole through it, tie it on and away you go.

12. Love letters to Mum or Dad from the kids

Make Mothers’ day or Fathers’ day or any day extra special with a personalised note from the kids. Let them pick stickers and borders from the Pringo App, add some text, print and share. Beautiful.

photos of love

special notes1

13. Celebrate your favourite team’s win

Print photos of your favourite sporting team to celebrate their latest win and to wave under the noses of opposing team fans’ noses :-).
Print and share pics of your fave tean




14. Quotes and memes

Take a photo, add your favourite inspirational quote or meme and stick it by your desk or in your purse.
print memes and quotes


15. School projects and show and tell

The kids are always needing photos and images printed for school projects and show and tell days. Having to save photos from your phone to your desktop computer to be printed is always a bit of a pain. Print fingerprint proof, fade proof and water proof photos for your child’s next show and tell day. The App is simple enough for little fingers to be able to personalise their own photos with stickers, borders and text before they print wirelessly from their iPod, iPad, other iOS or Android device.

show and tell


16. Personalised vouchers

When you don’t have time to rush out to buy a present for someone, print a personalised voucher on your Pringo. It’s a win-win for everyone. special notes

17. Scrapbook to your heart’s content

The Pringo printer and scrapbooking are literally a match made in heaven. Printing credit card sized photos means that you no longer have to cut photos to size because they’re printed the perfect size and shape for scrapbooking projects.

scrapbooking layout

This is a nice effect with the spotted paper framing the ledger paper. Image via: Octoberafternoon

18. Personalised thank-you cards

Thank-you cards are always a nice gesture especially if someone has gone out of their way to help you. Print a personalised thank-you card on your Pringo to make it even more special.

thank you cards

19. Turn your photos into wall art

Turn your Pringo printed photos into beautiful hanging wall art or photo mobiles. The beauty is, you can change the photos to suit the mood,  occasion or season.

DIY photo hanging mobile

Image via: Photo Jojo

20. Print on the run

Whether for fun or for business, take your Pringo with you so you can print on the run (no strings attached…. literally).
print on the run

There’s literally hundreds of useful things you can do with your Pringo mini smartphone printer.


Now over to you, what do you (or would you) use your Pringo mini smartphone printer for?



10 Cool iPhone Camera Tricks You Didn’t know About

Mastering the camera on your iphone can often mean the difference between capturing a photo that’s likely to hit the trash file instead of capturing something  that’s gorgeously print-worthy. Here’s some very cool iPhone camera tricks and shortcuts that will take your iphone photography experience from ‘meh’ to ‘yeah!!!’.


1. Use your headphones to take photographs.

All of the latest versions of iPhone now come with headphones with inbuilt volume buttons. Attach your headphones to your iPhone, set your phone up as far away as your headphones will allow you then use the volume switch on the earphones to take your photo. No more extended arm selfies required.


iphone camera headphones

Image via: mostlylisa

2. Swipe up to take quick photos.

There are times when being able to snap a photo in seconds is the difference between capturing the moment forever and having to store it in your memory bank only. Don’t let a memory pass you by because you didn’t have the time to put in your passcode. Swipe your finger up on the lock screen to access your camera. It won’t let you view the stored photos without unlocking but will allow you to capture photos and video.

Image via: pop sugar

Image via: pop sugar


3. Use the volume buttons to take your photo

If you’re multi-tasking to get just the right angle or the right photo, sometimes it’s easier to reach the volume buttons on the side of the phone rather than trying to find the button on your iphone screen. Use either the up or down volume button to snap your next photograph.


4. Hold the shutter button for fast photos

If you’re hoping to take a rapid succession of photos, hold down the shutter button and your iPhone will snap away faster than your fingers can.


5. Use the grid feature to frame your shots

Turn on your iPhones grid feature to help frame your photographs, particularly if you’re working towards the rule of thirds in your photo-taking. Go to settings, photos and camera, then set the grid to on.


iphone camera grid

Image via: Mostly Lisa

6. Use the rear-facing camera instead of the front-facing camera

The rear facing camera on your iphone takes higher resolution photos than the front facing camera, so best get most of your photos with the rear camera (except for selfies).


7. Tap the screen to focus

When you’re trying to focus on just one part of the photo but it’s not quite clear, tap the screen in the camera viewer and the iphone will automatically adjust the focus to that point. If you’re trying to get a close up, tap the screen a couple of times until the focus becomes just right.


8. Adjust the filter before of after your take your photograph

Sometimes photos just look way more beautiful in sepia or black and white. iPhones allow you to adjust the filter to one of a number of different shades either before or after you take your photo.

iphone camera filter

9. Use the Pringo App to add borders, filters, stickers and text to your photos

Pringo app photo

Use the Pringo app to add borders, stickers and text to your photos

Use the free Pringo app to add filters, borders, text and stickers to your photos.

10. Print directly from your iPhone to the Pringo Photo Printer.

Your iPhone (or smartphone) can print directly to your Pringo mini wifi printer without the need for cords. Connect via the free Pringo app and print high quality, fingerprint proof and waterproof photos direct from your mobile phone.

pringo mini wifi photo printer

Print photos from your iphone with your Pringo printer



What other hacks do you use to snap photographs on your iPhone?

5 simple tips for photographing your kids

Until you have children, you don’t actually realise the infinite number of photographs possible. And there’s no such thing as having too many photos of your kids growing up (unless of course there’s a lot of ‘number one’ child and not so many of child number three – oops). But whilst clicking photos of your little cherubs to your hearts content is great, here’s some ideas for getting those to-die-for photographs of your kids – especially if they’re going to be the photos you print and frame.


1.Let them relax and just be kids

Clicking photos might be enjoyable for us but if kids know you’re taking photos of them chances are they’re either going to act ‘cray cray’ or run for the hills.  If your kids are a little on the crazy side, then just let them be them. You’re more likely to capture their real personality if you let them go (as long as they’re not killing each other). On the other hand, if your child is a little camera-shy (or smartphone shy) then just let them hang-out and play as they would normally. Again, you’re better off capturing them with their head in a book or drawing if that’s part of their character.

2. Have fun with them

Us grown ups tend to take ourselves way too seriously, especially when we’ve set ourselves on a task (like getting a great photo of the kids). But don’t forget to enjoy yourself with them when you’re doing it. This can all come from the set-up. Whether you set up a game or a special location that they love (like the park, a beach or even the backyard), make sure it’s fun – because whilst grumpy kid photos are funny from time to time, you don’t want all your photos with them cracking a temper tantrum do you?? Think tactile stuff too – water, sand, mud, leaves and having kids play in and with other earthy stuff (and animals too) always helps grab a nice pic.

Young Child and Dog Playing in Muddy River

This photo has all the elements – mud, water, a dog and a dirty, content child. Just perfect!

3. Get down to their level

 As with all photography, it’s important to think in perspective. And kids have a very different perspective to grown ups so be sure to capture that. Get down to their level, actually see what they see and capture those moments.

Cute little girl walking in the woods

Getting down to their level – this has captured so much more by looking through the eyes of a child.

4. Ask Them Questions

 If you’re photographing a shy child or even a friend’s child then take a moment to ask them questions to engage them and grab different expressions. Ask them about things they don’t like, things they love, what they want to be when they grow up. Answering each of these questions will elicit different emotions and facial expressions from the child which are key to great character photos.

5. Whisper Their Name

Little children can sometimes be difficult to photograph especially when they know you’ve got a camera. It can really throw them off their game. To capture a really lovely photo, leave your little one play a while then once they’re engrossed in their game, gently whisper their name, loud enough to head but quiet enough so as not to startle them. When they raise or turn their head be ready to photograph them. If you catch it just right, the photo will be priceless.

Photographing your kids is super-simple because let’s face it, if you’re a parent, we do it every day so we’re pretty well-practiced. However these simple tips will help you grab better quality and more natural photographs of the kids that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Have fun!




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5 tips for organising and managing digital photos

Since there are countless options to click photos nowadays, quite often we end up with a bunch of disorganised photographs in random folders on our computer. If this is the case, chances are your computer will be flooded with a gazillion folders most of which you can’t quite recall what’s in them and when the photos were even taken. Most likely you have photos in folders that don’t even make sense (although they probably made sense at the time you filed them there!).

Seeing it’s the beginning of a New Year and that normally means organisation, it’s time to sort your digital photos and organise them into some order that makes sense (to more people than just you).

Here’s 5 handy tips that will have you organising and managing digital photos like an expert.

  1. Get your folders sorted

Digital photo folders

Image via: hermamas

A really easy way of setting up photo folders on your computer is by year and date. Everything is in chronological order and is easy to find.

How To organise OLD photos

If you have old photos in your computer then you will need to check each of their dates to transfer them to specified folders. You can easily check the dates by going on each photo’s property and check the date the photo was created on then it’s just a matter of drag and drop.

How To organise NEW photos

First thing you are going to want to do is, set your camera’s date and time correctly so your future photos will have the date and time on them. This is too easy if most of your photos are taken on an iPhone or other smartphone. Accordingly put them in the designated folder.

How To Create Folders

  • Create a master folder and name it “Photos/Pictures (it’s possible you already have one on your computer or laptop).
  • Create sub-folders and rename them to years.
  • Inside each YEAR create ‘categories’ or ‘months’ folder. This is only necessary if you have a lot of photos, else you can put the photos directly in the ‘year’ folder.


  1. Software

photo bucket

Image via: Photobucket

Instead of doing everything manually, why not get help from photo management software. This type of software allows you to import photos in bulk, lets you tag them and makes it super easy for you to find photos in the future.

For example, you can use tags like ‘picnic’, ‘kids’ or ‘birthdays’ and anytime you would like to search for images of kids or picnic, just type the word in and the software will extract all the tagged images for you. Lots of photo software programs also have face recognition meaning that it will automatically recognise people in photos and once you’ve initially set up who is who, the program will be able to grab every photo of one specific person. It’s not foolproof but it takes a lot of work out of having to categorise people.  There are plenty of software programs available online like Picasa, SmugMug, Lightroom and Photobucket many of which are free and super easy to navigate.

  1. Storage

hard drive


If you have a tonne of digital photos, it’s not a bad idea store them in an external hard drive instead of directly on your computer. This way it is easier to manage photos and they won’t take up storage on your computer and slow things down. Although whatever you do, be sure to make at least one set of backups of your photos just in case (preferably two).

  1. Backup

We can’t stress enough that making a backup of all of your photos is really important. Super important. All those memories captured over the years stored in only one place is a recipe for disaster. Whilst we don’t necessarily expect bad things to happen it is wise to be prepared. Create a backup of all your photos by storing them in at least two safe locations. You can save photos on an external hard drive or store them on an online portal such as SmugMug, Shutterfly, Flickr, Microsoft OneDrive etc. These are all reputed and reliable online photo storage sites. But here’s a piece of advice, no matter what site you choose, be sure to do your part of research to make sure your data is safe on the website.

  1. Print an Annual Photo Book, Scrapbook, Smashbook or Photo Album

Image via:Wit and Whistle


Whilst it’s great being able to snap endless photos on your iPhone, there’s nothing quite like having a printed version of your photos so you can touch and turn them and pop them on display.  Once a year pick your most favourite photos and print them on your Pringo mini wifi photo printer and turn them into a scrapbook, smashbook,  a wall decoration or simply pop into an album ready to be shared with friends and family.


Organising your digital photos takes a little bit of time in the first instance, but once you have your folders and systems set up, keeping them organised will be a cinch. Happy snapping.


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5 Tips for capturing special moments on a smartphone

Whilst we live in a digital world with the power of a high quality camera at our fingertips, it’s often that we forget to capture everyday moments because we’re so caught up in them. Here’s 6 tips for effectively (and effortlessly) capturing those special moments on your smartphone so we you can enjoy them again and again for years to come.

1. Keep your smartphone on you

The best type of camera is the one you’re carrying with you. It’s not always convenient to carry your bulky DSLR camera with you all the time but chances are, your iphone or other smartphone is with you when you’re out and about. And nowadays most smartphones have better cameras in them than most digital cameras.  However it’s one thing having your smartphone with you, it’s another knowing how to quickly activate your smartphone camera when you need it. Many smartphones including the iPhone will allow you to use the camera app without having to unlock the phone first which makes it even quicker to capture the moment on your phone as it happens.

2. Live in the moment

Often we allow life to ‘live us’ instead of the other way around. We’re too busy getting somewhere to enjoy the journey getting there. Don’t forget to take a moment to live in the moment. To be mindful of what’s happening around you. To actually see what’s happening in the right here and now instead of thinking about what’s next.


Don’t wait for the perfect pose

While you’re waiting for that perfect pose, the perfect family photo, that perfect smile, you’ve possibly missed the most perfect moments of craziness, silliness, fun or even tantrums. Capturing the moment is exactly that – capturing that exact moment, no posing required.


No stagnant sitting and smiling shots here, just real life.

No stagnant sitting and smiling shots here, just real life.

3. Think beyond the big picture

When we’re capturing our moments quite often we try to capture everything. From the background to the foreground and everything in between. But often it’s the tiniest things that tell you the most about that point in time. Find a focus point and run with it. Take a little girl splashing in puddles for example. Sure a whole-of-scene photo is on the cards but then think close ups, of facial expressions, of boots, of reflections in the puddles, oh the list goes on. It pays to think outside the square and beyond the big picture to really tell the story.

This tells a story in itself. Little feet. Wet weather. Fun. Happiness. Yep, it's all there.

This tells a story in itself. Little feet. Wet weather. Fun. Happiness. Yep, it’s all there.

4. The set up

If you’re in anticipation of capturing great moments, take a moment for yourself to think about the background and where you’re likely to get the best shot from without disturbing the action. Sometimes just moving yourself to a different position (think high and low positions as well) is enough to take a photographic moment from ‘meh’ to ‘boom’! Take the photo below. The photo is taken from a low position so no background buildings or distractions affect the focal point of the shot and there is a strategic line of wheat captured in foreground to frame the shot. If this photographer stood up to take the same photo it’s possible the moment would be lost in a busy background.

Woman in wheat field

5. Print your memories and share them

It’s one thing to take the perfect photo but it’s another thing to actually print and share your pics. Pick your favourites, edit them using the Pringo App (or any other photo app you like) then print instantly from your mobile with your Pringo smartphone printer. Presto, moment captured, moment saved, moment shared. Yeah!

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DIY photo hanging mobile

5 unique DIY hanging mobile ideas

With the amount of photographs we take on our mobile phones, it’s time to start thinking about printing a few of them. Sure you could stick them in a photo album, scrapbook them  or even do some cool photo collages . But have you ever thought about turning the gorgeous photos printed on your Pringo into a hanging photo mobile. And no, hanging mobiles aren’t just for babies, as you’ll soon see, these gorgeous handing mobiles are fabulous enough to hang as a feature in your loungeroom!

Here’s 5 beautiful ideas for creating a DIY hanging mobile with your Pringo photos:

1. Embroidery Hoop Hanging Photo Mobile

A simple and elegant way of displaying your Pringo photos, all you need is a little picture wire, 3 different sized embroidery hoops, some tiny timber pegs, a hot glue gun and your printed photos. The beauty of this one is you can change the photos as much as you wish. Head to natalme for the full tutorial.

DIY handing mobile

Image via: natalme.com

2. Driftwood photo display

You don’t need to include tonnes of photos to make this DIY photo display look stunning. In fact just two or three will  do the trick. All you’ll need is a couple of pieces of driftwood, a few timber pegs (the white ones really set it off), some white craft twine and your printed photos. Like this one, depending on the effect you’re hoping for you can print and display a favourite quote as one of your photos. Full tutorial for this at Morning Creativity.

3. Rustic DIY hanging photo mobile

Your DIY hanging photo mobile doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. This one found at mechant design is put together with a timber pot hanger, some cooking twine and natural timber pegs. This would be a great piece of hanging art for the kitchen giving you a great opportunity to clear the photos on your fridge and hang them from your photo mobile instead.


4. DIY Photo Chandelier

If you have high ceilings or a stairwell in your house, this DIY photo chandelier would make a perfectly artistic showpiece. Print off as many photos on your Pringo photo printer as you can manage and string from your hanging mobile. Just gorgeous. This awesome idea was created by Studio B and La-Maf. 

5. Natural DIY hanging mobile

It’s clear from this one that you don’t need to spend oodles of money to create a perfect piece of photo art. This one can be created simply with a small branch, string,  tape, scissors and your Pringo photos. So simple yet so pretty!! Full tutorial over at photojojo.

DIY photo hanging mobile

Image via: photojojo

So you see,  hanging mobiles (especially photo mobiles) aren’t just for kids’ rooms, these little guys make great home decor and even better presents. Plus they’re interchangeable depending on the season, the occasion or your mood.






Disclaimer: This blog post is not condoning or recommending hanging a mobile above a child’s cot or bassinet due to the dangers and risk of choking/strangulation.